Cofounder and CEO

Chirag Taneja is the cofounder and CEO of GoKwik.

Based in Delhi, Chirag Taneja, a 2nd-time entrepreneur, was previously CRO at Bombay Shaving Company and has scaled the business significantly during his time there. He has an MBA from FMS, Delhi and B.E from DCE. Chirag’s experience expands over a span of 12+ years across diverse industries including consumer brands, D2C, e-commerce, technology, digital marketing, corporate finance, valuations, management consulting, and product management.

With expansive knowledge across varied fields, the dynamic market, and analytics, he helped multiple brands to adopt an internet-first approach in their businesses. His entrepreneurial venture began back in 2015 when he established Ketchupp, a search engine that solved the problem of “what to eat” using AI interventions. This business expanded to international markets and was then successfully sold to Cartoq.

Chirag has a deep understanding of the eCommerce market and the complex problems they are facing. With an aim to democratize online shopping, provide full stack enablement solutions to the brands and help them attain maximum GMV realization in a risk-free manner, he founded GoKwik in the middle of the pandemic.

Chirag incorporates a merchant-first philosophy into GoKwik and is constantly working on ways to further democratize the shopping experience and change the face of the eCommerce industry. He has differentiated GoKwik by using the best of tech, data and innovation to provide custom-made solutions for complex eCommerce problems. Chirag and the team create products that ensure a smooth and secure shopping experience, reduced drop-offs, increased conversions and robust RTO protection.

Chirag also believes in the philosophy of “Zero to One”. He believes that with innovative and transformative ideas backed by smart use of technology, we can achieve the unachievable, and applies that mindset to GoKwik as well.